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i see it,

i see it there, i prophetize it happening.

When you know you can talk to her and not have a care

When you know that she's around the world is a better place

When you know that one day of not knowing what she is up to, will mean one day gone bad for you,

When you know you have her for life and she is yours the way you are hers,

When you know that meanings have meanings and reasons make sense because of her,

When you know she wont dissapoint you, not ever and when she does, it will be a stronger bond when you resolve,

When you know that her smile, her positive attitude and her grace will make you go forward with life

When you know that you don't need to look ever because she is it,


I see it, I see you with her. Friends yes, forever yes. But the little more that you will have...

And me?

I will watch it like a far away observant not being able to touch or alter

I will always wonder what if, and what now, what would've

I will always wonder why i am not able to move on.

I will always wonder if i could be different to you. If miracles happen

And yet i will know like you the truth,

that you were meant for her

Created: Feb 09, 2011


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