A short romantic story

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Hi everyone, i got a nice story maybe for a short film.
There is a guy  who looks acts like charlie chaplin. he is a clown in the world of normal people.

He is long and sad but then he meets a girl and he fall in love with her.

He follows her and he see where she lives. Then when she is out of her building he goes to the lobby and he brakes into her apartment.

He starts to collecet all kinds of red stuff like t-shirts, red cups, red books and a lot of red stuff that you can find in a house.

Finaly he takes all the red stuff and he drop them on the floor in the living-roon and he start to build her a heart from a the red stuff that he found so when she will come home, he will sit inside the heart a show her that he loves her.

When he finished, he sits inside the heart and waiting.

Meanwhile, the girl gets inside the lobby with an old woman.

the woman gets inside the apartment that oue hero is in and girl goes to other apartment. then he realize that he broke in to the wrong apartment.

The old woman falls in love with him because she thinks the whole heart is for her.

our hero runs away but before he run away from the building he go to the girl that he loves and kiss her on the chick. then he run in the street and the old woman behind him....

Ill be very thankfull if someone will do animated short film out of it...i hope you can add some ideas for the story/music/drawings or anything....

Its my first time recording so hope you like it!!

Created: Feb 05, 2011


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