The Power of Love

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Dangerously close to the edge I stand

 The salty tears that I have cried, burn and sting as they linger at the corners of my eyes.

Breathless, the body can no longer withstand this pain

The soul is lost and the spirit once a roaring fire is now nothing but a flickering flame.

Tormented by injustice

Searching for mercy and truth.

I just want to STOP!... And  let the pain end.

There’s no more beauty left in the things that I see

 My eyes are shut.

I’ve stop listening.

Nothing but the deafening sound of my pain surrounds me

I am engulfed in my own madness.

Nothing tastes the same in this day

I’ve lost  the will to breathe and then… you come to me.

So far away I’ve put myself and I lied and said I didn’t need anyone’s help, but still…you came to me.

And now you stand there and I pretend I don’t feel you watching me for all I want is for you to leave,

But yet… you know this, and still stay and lay down beside me.

But my anger flows from me like a shield around me as I move away from you.

You stay, and move closer.

Broken and defeated I cry again you wipe away my tears and clean their salty tracks with a kiss.

Your love frees me.

Your love sees me.

I am LOVED. 

Far from the edge I stand.

A new day has began.

This poem is about the times where we get really down and depressed. We feel like our world is crumbling around us and we start to give up on everything and we start to shut everyone out. We're angry, sad, and confused all at the same time and how even the smallest act of kindness, of love, can give us a new hope.

Created: Feb 05, 2011


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