Business as usual?

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The name Dan belongs to you

Today you're on my mind
One question replays in my head,why?
when I think of you I can't decide whether to smile or cry
I'm restless,my mind moves at immeasurable speed
but my body lies paralyzed,I'm not asleep
I don't want to go back to business as usual

I need time to mourn. 3 years of dreaming I'm talking with you and now those dreams are gone. Although my words are sorrowful,they bring healing to my soul. I'm not ignoring the pain anymore. Lord please bind up this wound of mine and cause my heart to soar.

The name Dan belongs to you.I can't watch the records that honor your name.Not one can I watch.Maybe some day..Doesn't matter that I never met you.I'm still affected by you.God,lift your countenance upon me so that I may smile tonight.

I don't want to go back to business as usual.


Created: Feb 05, 2011


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