Take A Look Round The Room

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You take a look around you.
You see the messy room you’ve always been in since you first moved out of your mom’s place.
You see the photo of your ex-girlfriend – she always did look too robotic, too perfect all the time – on top of your wardrobe. You try not to look at it but sometimes, when you’re bored, you can’t help yourself.
You see the countless random comic books littering the floor under your bed. You’ve been meaning to sell them for a bit of profit but you never got round to it. You never think you will either.
Then you see all of it as one, huge crappy mess. You realize no matter what your flatmate says, he won’t actually make you clean it.
He won’t make you clean it because it’s beautiful. It’s one, big, beautiful mess; one which you made.

Created: Feb 04, 2011


Le Bambi Document Media