Penumbra, Part 2

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Before you read on, I would like to add a note to this story in which I am writing. I do not intend to make everyone believe that this world in which shadow beings "live" is an awful place. It is a wonderful creation by Soupy and Attilee and I would never destroy that. This story represents a simple rebellion from one particular being that may exist in the shadow world. It's kind of like a "teen rebellion" of sorts. It is a concept that exists here in our human world, why wouldn't it exist elsewhere? Say, in Umbra?




The pull of Umbra began to tug at every edge of her vitality as the sun began to move from above her; it was the signal that told her that her time in the Other World was quickly ending for that day, and she would have to leave her beloved human boy.  She would soon fall back into Umbra with the others of her caste, left to wait another dreadful long time before she would see him again. Time in the universe of Penumbra was vastly different from that of this human terrene. Things moved much faster beneath the rotation of the sun rather than in her home place.

            If only it weren’t forbidden for her to contact him; to show any sign that she was a being of her own life. Today was particularly hard as she had observed his overwhelming depression that overthrew him when his father yelled and screamed at him that very hour.  She wanted to hold him and wipe the tears from his watery eyes, yet she was sure she could not console him with warmth of any kind as he desperately needed. For she was a shadow; warmth and ardor were outside of her grasp, more than his friend-seeking friendship was.

            Suddenly, she saw him lift his eyes from his palms, staring at the ground. Derek was looking right at her. Without a thought, Pen shot him the greatest smile she could muster from within her and waved. And with only a brief image of the shock and confusion that sat upon his face, she was lost in a tornado of color; falling, falling back to the ghastly dim and boring world in which she was born out of.




Created: Feb 04, 2011


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