These lines

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i can see the lines arent so confused-
but i am,
and all the colors have been defused,
and though it seems
description is perfect for who
i am,
you don't understand.

all the moments-
we've been holding-
is a pass in time-
a squiggled line,
all the smiles we've shared-
to those who care-
didn't seem to mind.

I can see-
confusion in-
th distance,
doesn't matter how-
doesn't matter,
not in this instance,

wish i could smile- today,
cause something wrong-
a yearning gone,
yet ive lost the words to say,
what is deep in me-
wants release-
yet i turn away.

these lines-
there confused,
muddled and abused-
yet i feel their pain-
like this stain-
of my life so confined.

yet theres a moon-
so far away-
were so apart,
but i can find-
solice in these lines.

Created: Feb 03, 2011


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