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Bouncer Bob

By Scorch

Bouncer Bob mans the door at a music club.  He has a clipboard in hand and an earpiece in. All very official looking.

He is letting people in and occassionally marking something off on his clipboard.

We see a parade of stereotypical customers enter the club: drunk girls, guys all dressed up in merch of the band that is to be featured,  dudes with frosted tips, goth chicks, someone with a neck tattoo etc.

After a group of girls enter all wearing fishnets and super high heels Bob scribbles on his clipboard, puts his hand up to his ear and talks into the mic.

BOB: Hey Mike

The camera pans to reveal his clipboard. There is a 5x5 grid with a different word or phrase in each square - for example; cowboy, white girl wasted, Bad BO, fishnets etc. 

Some of the squares have been checked off, with an entire row being finished by "fishnets"

We hear a crackling voice from the earpiece, it's MIKE

MIKE: yeah Bob?

BOB: Bingo!



If this idea is picked up it could be a great way to introduce the other characters we'll see in the club.  We can see (at least some of) them enter, then learn about them as the show goes on.

Just a thought but it seemed a nice one :)

Bouncer Bob

Created: Jul 14, 2017

Tags: bouncer bingo, bingo, bouncer bob, silly, simple, short, script, short script, story, satire, scorch, 10 second script, 10 second sketch, tiny tunes live, tiny tunes, tiny tunes characters, character, characters

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