Diving In The Dark

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She was reborn to drift and transform
Her whole mindset into subtle disguise
Cutting rough edges of a fragile soul
Took a crisp leap along obsessed reflex

I was there when the lights went out
Diving in the dark
A wave of pain swept your inner child away
A dark rush of grace sprouted from your eyes

Losing yourself to a perfect equilibrium
The skill spectrum met not bounds
Diving in the dark
You became a delicate black swan

Let your instinct and flesh connect
Avoid hiding dreams beneath your skin
It may reach breaking point in time
When utter desire unveals as one waltz

Show me your fancy delirium display
An ultimate dedication grazing illusion
Polished talent reeling in your veins' flow
Devoting passion religiously to art

Risky ballerina with the crown
No substitute for you're a sole kind
Release your purest incitement spell
And you will capture frenzy in any crowd

Created: Feb 02, 2011

Tags: poem; dream

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