8 year old hitRECoder

By _buttercup

Dear hitRECord,

 today it's been 8 years since I joined the site. All because of this REmix here. Sometimes I still miss the forum, but it's exciting to see how everything grows around here. 

Thank you so much for this positive, encouraging and inspiring place with the best community with so much heart, making me pick up a pen and my watercolours again, for the precious friends I made here 

and for thinking that I could make my impossible dream come true..or for even wanting to see me achieve my dream. It means a lot. I'm so grateful and I appreciate it. 

There is no place that I would rather be than here.  <3

8 year old hitRECoder

Created: Jul 09, 2017

Tags: 9. july 2009, hitrecord = luck, hitrecord anniversary, birthday, low-res, remix, color, cut out, collage, 8, thank you

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