How the Sun Learned to Dance

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I jotted down the idea for this story about a week ago. After finally getting around to typing up the whole thing yesterday, I listened to Sean Lennon's beautiful song. My writing pales in comparison to his incredible lyrics. Hopefully someone can REvise this into something better.

Mars enters and greets the Sun.

The Sun: Where are the others?

Mars: They’re on their way. Whose turn is it this time?

The Sun: Venus.

Mars: Ugh, I don’t think I can take another story about love and heartbreak.

The Sun: You went last time, didn’t you?

Mars: Yeah, God, how long ago was that?

The Sun: A long time, long enough for me to forget when. What was the story you told?

Mars: Oh, it was some flattering nonsense. That was back when I was preparing for war and I wanted to get on your good side.

The Sun, half listening: Mmm, it was a fabulous story. How did it begin again?

Mars: How do all stories begin?

The Sun: Ah yes, once upon a time…?

Mars: Once upon a time there was the Sun. He was great and glorious, but not quite like the sun you know now.

The Sun, mumbling: Great and glorious.

Mars: Back then the Sun was a glow, his light was florescent and cold, and it radiated out from him with blinding force. The Sun expended so much of his energy on producing this eminent glow that he did little else but sit on his throne. Then, at some point Earth came by. Boy, was she a fabulous sight to behold?

The Sun: Yeah, she was really magnificent, wasn’t she?

Mars: Yeah, that was before she caught that parasite. Anyway, as she walked by, a faint cry of pain was audible somewhere far away. Earth gave the Sun a disapproving look. “Well what do you want me to do about it?” asked the Sun. “You could do something besides just sit there, this is your domain,” replied Earth.

The Sun: She had no right to speak to me that way.

Mars: Oh, no, of course not. But, as she walked away the Sun grew thoughtful. Slowly, the Sun became aware of his surroundings, his focus changed. His attention shifted from being solely on maintaining his incredible glow to listening carefully to what was going on around him. The Sun realized just how many faint cries existed in the dark parts of his kingdom where his light did not reach. After a significant period of contemplation, the Sun rose. Laboriously, he climbed up the back of his throne to the top, and then…he leaped. When he landed a small piece of his innermost being broke off, the pain was terrible. He took the glowing ember carefully in his hand and then flung it as hard as he could in the direction of the most unbearable crying sound. He could see his small offering extend through the darkness till it reached the crying star.

The Sun: I still remember that first little one, how happy she was. And what I gave her was so small.

Mars: Well, the Sun was so touched by the star’s reaction that he immediately climbed to the top of his throne and leaped off again, flinging the little spark that broke off of him out into the expanse. The response was similar to the last, and so he repeated his routine again, and then again and again and again. Gradually, the Sun became faster and faster until his movements resembled a frenzied dance. The Sun continued his dance for a long, long time until the Sun himself began to change. His light was no longer harsh and unforgiving; rather it turned into a soft, warm flame. His dance slowed, developed a rhythm and then, eventually, ceased. Now even in stillness the Sun’s being emits rays of light that extend with incredible force into the darkness. He rarely sees the need to dance anymore. However, every so often the great Lightbringer will rise. And he will dance.


The Sun: I knew I liked that story. Is that it?

Mars: Well, not quite.

The Sun: Ah, yes…the end.

Mars: Mmm. The. End.

Created: Jan 23, 2010


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