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As i understand it, in the UK people pay more out of their paycheck each month in order for the hospitals to remain non-corporations. Corporate hospitals leaves room for corruption and procedures pending on payment. Also, it leaves opportunity for the elderly to be used as a steady paycheck for greedy doctors who recommend medicines and unnecessary check ups charging insurance companies while the aging pay premiums. Money for medicine goes against the original doctors oath and encourages drawing out the sickness for many years in order to profit. Secretly the FDA works for the large pharmaceutical companies in order to promote and maintain a health care system for profit. Fortunately due to recent lawsuits against the Plastic bottling industry the FDA is under investigation for withholding information about the intentional/unintentional poisoning of the general public in order to increase pharmaceutical sales Anyone who surrenders their trust to Western Medicine is in for a very bad time.

Created: Feb 01, 2011


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