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What I do to pay the bills is probably the farthest from where I want to be, and trust me it sounds much cooler than it is.  I'm an Art Coordinator.  The lead to be exact, at a Direct Mail Marketing company.  What does that mean? Well, it means I sit in a cubicle all day, oversee four other coordinators, four artists, take calls, and the closest thing i get to have in terms of a creative opinion is in regards to font and color choices on 5x8 slips of junk mail.  It pays the bills, but it drains the creative soul.

What I really want is to free myself from my desk.  I want to release the indy, artist, mod chick within me and do what feels good - create.  What I really want to do, what I love to do is direct.  Movies primarily, but I'd take anything from television to a web series just to free myself from customer service and a chair that comes with a leash and lumbar support.  It's what I'm trying for so hard that it's forced me into doing something I'd never thought I'd do - write.

Here's to being who we really are - full time.


Created: Feb 01, 2011

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