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So this is about the point in any relationship where you have to fully let it go. Breath it out by yourself. That moment of realization that you'll be okay in total independence

The scene: a couple in love that's gone through ups and downs, been all over the place, that might not be quite exactly in love. . . Maybe just still love each other.

She: (jokingly) I'm really dying, down here somewhere (pointing to her stomach falling onto a chair or sofa)

He: nurse ( looking around for an imaginary nurse, finds the cd player plays her a song) somebody hit the play button please 

She: (for a moment still kind of smiling she turns it to a sad frown, matching the depressing song that is softly making its way to her ears) what is this? (inquisitively asking and with some hard looks of recognition)

He looks at her searchingly

She says in her head: those are the kind of notes that make me feel the resurrection of those certain moments in life when you are overcome by the realization that somehow you were just caught in a series of wakes when the beat of your head and heart listened to one another, becoming immediately consumed with the idea that you are trying to tell yourself something

He is thinking inside his head, narrating : yeah but then theres my own realization that that is like a drug. I'm going to spend my time in search of that collision of heart and mind only to find its a series of tunnels with the light at the end. . . and then my eyes open.

Her, narrating inside her head: I feel I will seek happiness here, in our situation, only to a certain degree, then I'll find myself in periods of being worried and scared and lost, which I'll breath a deep breath of inquisition letting it move me; forwards upwards downwards slipping and sliding sideways in and out of shapes forming changing living breathing awakening solitude.

Created: Feb 01, 2011


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