RE: 2016 Q3+Q4 Profit Proposals

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It’s already profit time again!

In this video I’m discussing Profit Proposals for 2016 Q3+Q4. 

CHECK OUT THE PROPOSALS HERE and let us know what you think by posting any comments on the Profit Proposal documents no later than Friday, July 14th.


This round we are paying out a total of $171,080.88* to contributing artists for the following:

Funded Productions

Self-Funded Productions


Also really happy to say we’re going to be adding $90,000 to our Self-Funded Production Pool.


If anyone has any questions whatsoever, please post a comment in the thread below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for watching this video, and big thanks to all of the contributing artists! :D

* One last note (I swear) — the Profit Proposal page will state that $166,112 is being paid out. That total is for all productions that are in the Profit Proposal phase. The additional amount of $4,968 and change is included in these finalized PDF documents for sales/royalties. 

Created: Jul 01, 2017

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