So Hi I guess.

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I seen you last week - A total chance encounter. Me, walking back from the train station which I never do now that I drive; You driving though our old childhood estate - which you never do having moved away years ago. You seemed genuinely happy to see me. I was a little taken aback. I wasn't sure how things were between us.  Just vague feelings that you had wronged me , that we weren't close anymore, that we both felt it. I tried to pin it down but the harder I focused the more transparent any possible reason became.  

But here you are - waving manically out your car window as you clutched and rolled out of the car park across the street. My long lost childhood friend! You pulled over and we had a hurried exchange, conscious of the fact someone could pull up and honk you on at any moment... "OH MY GOD HI!! are you??.. its been so long, you look great !...How are your folks... what are you doing back around here? yeah, great... thanks! Are you around for a while? Text me we should go for a drink! oh yes great Idea... oh better go.... I'll ping you.. yes do! Chat soon! So good to see you!"

Two minutes tops, a flurry of pleasantries and you were gone again.  I walked the rest of the way home examining the residual feelings of resentment I had towards you, years of feeling like we were friends but we weren't. Something happened and we became different people. Still though, might be nice to catch up seeing as how you are in town. 

Damn, I just remembered I already made plans.  Movie night in mine with the girls. I'll invite you. 

I ping " So sorry can't do drinks tonight - I'm having the girls over for movies, you should come!" You politely decline. We are both relieved. 

Created: Jul 01, 2017


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