To You

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Dear You,

It's funny and sad how things can change over such short periods of time. It's strange how people who once were best friends become strangers. It's painful to acknowledge, but this is life. 

I remember the days when we would sit and talk for hours, when we wanted to stop the time, only to have some more time to spend together, when we spent whole nights texting or talking on the phone, when I used to believe that I had finally found a soulmate. I remember those times, and in a way I miss them. I don't regret anything, because regretting is stupid, and it doesn't help, and if I had a chance to have those things now, I'm not sure I'd want anymore. 

I'm different now, you're different know. We have outgrown that relationship. Our friendship was an important part of both our lives. A great deal of what I am today is because of the time I had with you, and I hope that I did change you too. I still like you. I still enjoy talking to you when we randomly intersect. But our relationship isn't what it used to be, and I don't think it can ever be. 

I wish I could wipe my memory so that I would be able to discover you again, and maybe then, I wouldn't lose our friendship stupidly, as I already did once. But I can't...

We get what we deserve.

Love, Me 

Created: Jun 30, 2017


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