Heavy Resistance (Rough Draft)

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Just fuckin around with Asylum 7 & Eddie Logix's "Resistance." REmixed the instrumental again and threw in a verse and some sound effects from Jordan Johari's "MONOCTOBER" RECord.

I do all my audio editing in Final Cut so my options for voice distortion are limited, clearly evident in my inability to match the same kind of effects on Asylum 7's voice. This'll have to be considered a rough draft, or a "v1" as they say.

I'll post lyrics separately.

Created: Feb 01, 2011

Tags: future, rhythm, instrumental, universe, back and forth, drums, samples, edits, track, operator, matt conley, hip-hop, data, vox, words, verses, radio, lyrics, planets, remix, cell phone, vocals, service, voice, reverb, matt, static, audio, learning, microchip, repetition, water, collection, space, telephone, dial, galaxy, repeat, helicopter, record, rocket, vocal, rapper, music, split, beep, rain, echo, hang up, cuts, alternate, eddie logix, matter, asylum 7, rapping, cellular, emcee, space ship, mattconley, mc, phone, remixed, version

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