something from London

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you should be here.

we should be walking along the Thames at night. we should be exploring bars and debating their merits and shortcomings. we should be staying up way too late with our legs wrapped around each other.

you're running through my mind all of the time. I think about the way your skin felt against my lips. I think about you turning my necklace in your hands as I leaned over you. I think about the way you looked at me that whole night.

"that's not all I wanted with you"

I still feel this rush when I think about what happened between us. it's this all consuming pang bordering on pain that flashes across me. I love it and hate it.

every sensible fiber in my bones says 'stop.' stop seeing him. stop talking to him. stop thinking about him. I don't. not yet, anyway. because, in a very sad way, this encounter held hope for me.

"I became something for you at a time when you're vulnerable."

you were right. and being honest with myself, I want you to remain something.

Created: Jun 30, 2017

Tags: weekly writing chalenge

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