Ritual and spiritual do they belong together?

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While you still stuck in the ventilator inside the air conditioning

There are times that Ryan Gosling and Colin Farrell will meet again when it comes to being a woman

There are times that you have to ask yourself this question, "What is the point of using sculpture, if you don't know the naked truth?"

What is your goal in life and find out when it comes to Alex Ramirez, David Ramirez, Sergio Magallon, and Michelle Meja

There are times that the one word "Fist of Fury" would never be the same when it comes to "Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball!"

While walking towards the Egyptian rule tell and ask, "what is a woman in need of help?"

This is the question and answer to pray that Medusa and Cleopatra of two Goddesses is nice or not?


Created: Jun 30, 2017


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