To Whom It May Concern

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I know it has been a while but I found this cool site that throws out writing challenges and this week's challenge is to write a letter to someone I was once close with.  It's funny, I hadn't thought of you in ages and as soon as I saw this, I could think of no one else.  I guess you could have called us "close" back in the day right?  As close as my thick shell would let me get to another human being anyway lol!  And how about those claws I used to have? You of all people must remember those!  Such GOOD times!  I have slowly and painfully ground them down over the years thankfully...they left such scars on you.  If I never apologized for all that, I am sorry.  Sorry about the teeth and thorns too.  If it makes a difference, life has paid me back many times.  I have loved and lost, fought and lost.  My jagged edges have shredded most everyone I have met, none so much as myself.  I sincerely hope that time has been good to you.  You were an incredible and glowing person in so many ways and having known you....having been close to you.... is still a fiber in the knotted fabric of my life.  Please take care.... and enjoy every single moment.

Created: Jun 30, 2017


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