Grey Graves

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This is a song about burying the past. 


You are the ghost

Of everything you used to be

A mind made victim 

I killed off in my dreams 

Your blood is on my fingertips,

Your blood is on my hands

Oh, I hope some day you understand


You are the ghost 

Thats whispering from down the hall

It keeps me up at night

My God, I hear your calls

Your voice just beats my drums

Your voice is in my head

Oh, it sounds just like the living dead


You Know I am the one who buried 


Were the body I laid down 

In my memory 


You are the ghost 

That took shape of who I used to know

You call it heartless

But I'll just call it apropros

To strip you of your sheets

Exposing your chains

Oh, won't you let me by with ease


Dig it up, dig it up right now

Make a home in the cemetery 

I hope you're happy 

In these grey graves.


 Written/REcorded/Performedby Chase Horseman

Created: Feb 01, 2011


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