Just another leaf

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And so i fell like the autumn leaf

Captivated by what I heard before

What seemed like an angel from above

But glistened brighter than all the stars

And so i fell like the autumn leaf

Oblivious to what the future beholds

Free from duty and all things evil

Stress free and calm like the autumn breeze

And now winter is near

Cold sluggishly creeping into the heart

Limbs frightened, unable

Frozen over from life's uncertainties

And so i lay motionless, breathless

Eyes frozen over


Unable to see the light that once...

Once warmed the faces of my...

My...my brothers beside me

Now i lay fallen like an autumn leaf

Motionless, breathless unable to move

Just another leaf in the pile

Lost forever to the frozen abyss.

Created: Jun 29, 2017


Shakiel_JM Document Media