The Daughter I Am.

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The Daughter I should have been is an amazing soccer player and always scores the goals.

She has been sporting cleats since the age of six and never stops to complain about her asthma and wheezing she experiences while running on the field. 

The Daughter I should have been has never gotten a grade lower than an A. 

She willingly does numerous amounts of Calculus problems during her free time. 

She does not really care for rock concerts or music in general.

The Daughter I should have been only cares about benefiting herself.

She is just like her younger sister, a spinning image of their father.

The golden brown hair that he once had as a child along with her stubborn personality, competitive nature, aggressive approach, and ‘me first’ way of living. 

The Daughter I should have been never has and never will have a weight problem. 

She does not inherit her mother’s curves or sensitivity. 

She is a rock. Just like the song from his Simon & Garfunkel record.  

The Daughter I should have been got a 2100 on the SATs. 

She attends UCLA as an engineering major just like her father did years before. 

The Daughter I should have been rarely needs assistance, but never hesitates to ask if she does.

She answers perfectly to his illogical questions and knows that her father is always right. 

The Daughter I should have been attributes all her success to practice, practice, practice, and 

A motivational push that would not have been possible without the help of her father.

The Daughter I should have been chooses Mathematics over Art, running over brownies, and 

Would rather spend her Saturday’s studying than volunteering with kids who have disabilities 

The Daughter I should have been is something to be proud of. 

She is naturally perfect at everything. She is finally good enough

But that’s too bad because the daughter I should have been does not exist and never will. 

And while she does not have the daily struggle I do, 

She does not posses the same spirit and strength that I do. 

The same creativity and optimism that I do. 

The daughter I should have been may finally be good enough, finally live up to his standards and finally be able to maker her father proud, 

But she is never proud of herself.

The Daughter I am takes numerous macro pictures of flowers during free time. 

The Daughter I am has been sporting a camera in her hand since the age of eleven 

And belting out songs since the age of five. 

She attends UCI as Psychology and Studio Art major. 

She spends her Friday’s at her school’s improv shows. 

The daughter I am is distracted, and a nervous wreck just like her TBS CD sings. 

And that’s okay, because I would rather be the Daughter that I am, 

Than the Daughter I that I should have been. 

Created: Feb 01, 2011


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