Angry Persian style break ups! :P

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Possibly this would be the first public exposure of Persian curses here :D. Apologies in advance! 

مهرم حلال! جونم آزاد! Maybe the most popular one is this, it almost means: I'll even give you money to set my soul free!

. گم شو!ببینمت ۲شقت کردم! Get lost before I cut you to 2 pieces!

سگی کمتر! One less dog in the world! 

هر غلطی دلت میخواد بکن! go do whatever the hell you wanna do! 

نامردی اگه نری!

This one is an insult and a dare that says you're not a human if you won't stick to your word and will not proceed with the breakup! This is used when either of the partners want to tell the other one they are not brave :D

برو به درک!

Sort of ~ go to hell. But more of a Barren where you have to wait for the judgment day. I personally think this one is worse than hell as you are in between.

! فدای سرم! there is absolutely no translation for the third piece but the closest one is "it is alright! I'm good! I do't even give a damn that you're gone 

Created: Jun 29, 2017


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