The Unexpected Visitor

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The scene begins in a living room as Carly is admiring some family photos.

A radio is on in the background.

ZOOM into photographed image of Carly and a woman happily pointing to a recently sold house on North Pine Street (this detail is import to highlight for the storyline).

ABRUPT CUT TO An urgent knocking at the front door.


Oh, that must be her now.

Carly begins opening the door … in bursts a darkly clothed, large, manly figure.

He pushes her to the floor in the ambush. It is so rushed that no real clarity is possible.


Attention! This just in! Police are on the scene of a woman’s beheading outside of a house on North Pine Street.  The suspect resembles a tall man dressed in dark clothing. Do not open your door under any circumstances. I repeat do not open your door.

Recovering from the collision both Carly and the manly figure turn to look at each other.  To Carly’s horror, she sees the recently dead and bloodied yet familiar face of the woman from the photograph.

Loud audio of panic induced heart thumping intensifies as the room begins to spin.

As the figure pulls out a bloodied machete from under his black cloak Carly faints.

As the figure moves in towards Carly slowly FADE OUT to black.

Created: Jun 29, 2017


bjogden59 Document Media