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IRONY , does it iron out for you, 

does it throw you to the wolves bro

i don't know, but i do obviously think

that when you drink, your mind opens

up like a book you never read, the one

that puts you to bed, unhinged as the 

creepy sets in, whose telling the story

now , we don't all know that ending 

but i can reduce a pot that condescending

everyone has the power on their lips 

but can't quite grip it, because it's off limits

oh shit, your bro needs help, from the evil 

temptress in blue of course, you set it forget

it and wait till it cooks, your in the looking glass

of a bunch of crooks. Keep percolating the vibes 

getting mad, because your an old tad, bit of 

a sad woman who loves to intrigue others because

of your brothers, i have a real one, i have a ginger 

angel thats always on my side, he'll kick your ass

to the curb side, get it, i don't know he knew he 

was with it, when he got sent to the pen. Well then

why don't we all settle this with a cocktail, dare them.

Created: Jun 28, 2017


Gilliano Document Media