Polly got a bomb

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The first thing I can remember ever memorizing is 'Suzy Grew a Moustache' by the great Dennis Lee from his wonderful book 'Garbage Delight'. Look it up. Read it once. It will be burned in your brain forever and you will thank me heartily.

As an English teacher of reluctant poetry learners, I begin each year our study of poetry with much pomp and circumstance, complete with blazer and scarf, declaring that I will begin by performing a poem of significant metre and tragic narrative to convey my overall approach to the ancient art of word smithery. A hush and a pause portend my beginning. And then I recite this magical piece with all the haste and drama it deserves.

Often there is laughter immediately. Awkward style 'is he serious?' laughter accompanied by some knowing chuckles from those following my ironic attempt at misdirection with interest.

And then we begin what should be an enjoyable rather than torturous set of lessons.

It must be said though, I've always felt a melancholy for dear Suzy. Surely she blames herself to some extent.

Created: Jun 28, 2017


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