Allegiance (Short film)

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This is a simple 3 act short film originally designed as a platform project for some stunt performers, so the focus was on the fight scenes. however I'd now like to work on making the storyline more engaging and turn it into a short film in it's own right. Please let me know your thoughts!


The sound of a cheering crowd can be heard. A distant voice addresses the crowd:

Gang Leader(Shouting, proudly):   "For 6 Years the cold hand of war has ravaged these lands, as the Kingdoms of Mercia and Northumberland battle for the throne..."

EXT. day. A field in England. C.679 AD

A bucket of water is thrown over a KNIGHT's face, waking him suddenly. Dazed, He has a wound on his head and as his consciousness returns to him we start to see elements of where he is;He is on the ground within a large, weakly constructed circular fence,  almost like a small horse-paddock.  Around the outside of the circle a large crowd made up of farmhands, labourers and peasant men and women are gathered.  They are drunk and riotously  trading money and pushing for a ring-side view.  Stood in the middle of this makeshift 'Ring' is a large, middle aged hulking thug of a man, the self-proclaimed leader of this gang of low-life rebels.  He continues to address the crowd and clearly fancies himself a bit of a showman:

GANG LEADER:   " ...and the Kings and lords of this land fight Bravely for their honour! (His tone changes, he is angry) BUT WHAT GOOD IS THAT TO US?! We who pray for nothing but rain for our crops and food for our mouths? These battles bring us nothing but Hunger and smaller families! If there are gains to be got from all this fighting, it's clear we must make it for ourselves!"

The crowd cheer. During his speech the KNIGHT, wearing blue colours, notices his left wrist is manacled. Following the chain with his eyes he sees the other end is manacled to a KNIGHT in yellow armour on the opposite side of the ring who is also being woken from unconsciousness.

GANG LEADER:   "Once more we have captured two of the finest swordsmen From the field so they may defend the 'honour' of their King here for us today. So Place your bets!"

BLUE KNIGHT is pulled roughly to his feet, looking around the crowd he glimpses traders and peasants placing bets with each other and pointing at each of the competitorsThe GANG LEADER climbs out of the ring, and takes a broadsword from one of his men.

GANG LEADER:   "Do you cheer for Mercia?!"

BLUE KNIGHT looks up, The crowd Boo and Jeer.

GANG LEADER:   "Do you cheer for Northumbria?"

BLUE KNIGHT looks toward the YELLOW KNIGHT. They Boo again.

GANG LEADER:   "No... You cheer for blood."

He throws the sword into the ring. It lands directly between the two knights. A pause, then they both sprint for the sword. The crowd erupt into cheers.They fight. The crowd are wild. after a short while the YELLOW KNIGHT begins to overpower the BLUE, sword hovering over his throat.

BLUE KNIGHT:   "They will show you no mercy..."

The sword gets closer

BLUE KNIGHT:   "We're the best two fighters here..."

Beat. Slowly, the blade moves away. YELLOW releases his grasp and steps back, standing opposite BLUE who also stands.  The GANG LEADER furiously yelling "Finish him!' from the edge of the ring between them. BLUE looks at YELLOW, who is breathing heavily, trying to figure out his intentions. YELLOW Nods.YELLOW grasps the chain at his wrist, swings his arm in a large arc bringing the chain up and landing over the shoulders of the GANG LEADER. In an instant BLUE understands what's going on and he tightens his grip on his end of the chain as both Knights drop to the floor, causing the GANG LEADER's head to come slamming down, impaling itself on the fencepost in front of him.The crowd are stunned, The GANG LEADER's gang of thugs are shocked. The two KNIGHTS waste no time in attacking them. The majority of the crowd flee in fear as the two KNIGHTS make their escape into the nearby woodland with 4-5 men in pursuit.

2. EXT. Day. Woodland.

The chase continues deep into the woods and turns into a fight between the gang and the 2 KNIGHTS who now work together, incorporating their manacles and the location to overcome the gang, taking their weapons along the way. To be choreographed. at one point the YELLOW KNIGHT is knocked unconscious and BLUE is forced to carry him as he is pursued by the last remaining HENCHMAN. The fight builds to a dramatic climax, BLUE is knocked to the ground with the HENCHMAN about to finish him when he suddenly yells in pain as YELLOW manages to stab him in the ankle and BLUE takes his chance to end the fight. Beaten and exhausted they attempt to run from the scene but collapse into unconsciousness.

3. Ext. night. woodland

BLUE slowly wakes, as he lifts himself from the ground he goes to rub his head and discovers that the chain around his wrist has been cut. A rough pillow made of clothing/sack has been placed under his head. Hearing voices talking jovially, he turns to look behind him and he sees two men sat at a campfire.  He gets up and approaches, the men see him and stand.

Foot soldier 1:   " My Lord awakes! We were beginning to worry."

BLUE KNIGHT:    "You know me?"

FOOT SOLDIER 1:    "Of course, we were under your command at Trent, but no-one's seen you since"

Foot Soldier 2 steps forward and offers a cup of wine to the Knight who takes it and drinks.

FOOT SOLDIER 2:   "Some thought you'd been taken by the enemy, you know, when they couldn't find a body on the field. The Generals'll be glad to see your return (Turning to Footman 1) Maybe even thank us with a bit of silver or two?"

The Knight gives him a withering look, Footman 2 looks apologetic.

FOOT SOLDIER 1:    "We should've known you'd be taking prisoners of your own!"

For a moment The KNIGHT looks confused, a punch is heard and he turns to see a third soldier, stood in front of an almost unrecognisable YELLOW KNIGHT who is bound and kneeling on the ground, Covered in blood and bruises. the soldier punches him again and he falls sideways to the floor. The Blue Knight sees this, takes the broadsword straight from the baldrick around Foot Soldier 1's waist and walks towards the bleeding prisoner with Foot Soldier's 1 & 2 following behind. Footsoldier 3 pulls the prisoner up to kneeling again and steps in line with the other 2 behind.

FOOT SOLDIER 1:   "We took the liberty of binding him more securely... tried to get some information from him but I dont think he's of any more use to us..."

BLUE knight looks down at YELLOW with a steely gaze, YELLOW looks up at him through blackened, blood-soaked eyes.

FOOT SOLDIER 2:   "After you, my Lord..."

The two knights stare each other down, BLUE's hand tightens around the hilt of the sword. after a beat, the YELLOW KNIGHT nods.

cut to black

Created: Jun 28, 2017


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