Anna and Eddie Part 2

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Anna and Eddie had been living together for almost three years. They had come together in their final year at university (she had studied Drama and he had studied…well…the term ‘study’ is used loosely when coupled with Ed’s name, let’s say that), having met one evening during their final fresher’s week, slightly inebriated and both at loose ends about where they were actually going to be living that term. Ed had sauntered (staggered) into the bar (tent area) were Anna had found herself after having done 2 (or 3? Maybe 4?) shots with friends and then promptly lost everyone she knew. The theme that night had been 80’s (original right?) and Anna had turned to her left in the hope of seeing a familiar face. Instead she found Eddie, but seeing as how he seemed friendly, had nice hands and weirdly suited the eyeshadow/eyeliner he was wearing, she decided to make a new friend. ‘Hi.’ Eddie turned to her, and squinted at her face from approximately 5 inches away. ‘Hi,’ he said. It was the beginning of something beautiful.

Created: Jan 31, 2011


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