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In full disclosure, this is not a recent event, but it was an "interesting" moment nonetheless that my husband recently reminded me of.   This conversation was overheard in the Birthing Ward of our local hospital during our tour before having our first child.  The door to one of the rooms was open, while my husband and I were in the hallway with a group of others touring the facility.  

HUSBAND:   [In a frustrated childish whiny tone]  Why is this taking soooo long!!! 

WIFE:    [sarcastically]  I'm sorry is there somewhere else you need to be!!!

HUSBAND: [casual tone]  Yeah actually the guys and I were suppose to meet online and play "Gears of War" and... well.. I'm missing it.  

WIFE:  [in a pissed tone]  and THAT's more important than seeing the birth of YOUR CHILD!!!

HUSBAND: [frustrated tone] I NEVER said that. Calm your hormones.!!!  All I said is this is taking a VERY long time and I just don't think you're trying hard enough.  It can't be that bad,  it can't possibly hurt that much, I think this is just a laziness issue.  

[*** About halfway through the husbands little rant  my husband is looking at me wide eyed shaking his head in complete horror!!! Knowing full well this is going to end badly***]

All of a sudden we hear a bang and something  clatter across the floor.  

HUSBAND:  What the fucking hell was that for.  You hit me with the phone.   That fucking hurt.  


HUSBAND:  [frantic tone, like a child about to get in trouble] look I'm sorry, I'm just stressed out and tired.  I Love You.  Let's not tell our families about this.   You really hurt me though...

 WIFE:  [pissed/sarcastic tone] It couldn't have hurt that badly, calm your hormones.  If you were not such a lazy ass you could have avoided it.  Go play your fucking game, obviously you need the practice if a telephone can take you out.  Good luck to whoever is on  your team...LOSER!!!


Created: Jun 28, 2017

Tags: non-fiction, funny, mad, frustrated

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