The Dreamscape

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For me, it would be a place where technology and nature have coalesced perfectly and learned to accept each other and work together to improve life for everyone. Majestic, shining skyscrapers abound in close cities, speckled with the growth of green foliage on and inside them. Its a place where we have achieved the perfect symmetry of taking care of nature, while still having all the boons and advancements that technology provides us. Currency has become obsolete, we all work together for a common goal: the advancement and improvement of ourselves and our species. And we set ourselves goals as an entire species, not as nations, races or genders, we work together to achieve, to explore and to expand. And we do this knowing deep within us that we have taken care of our planet while still pushing our imaginations and our motivations to the absolute limit for the benefit of all. 

Created: Jun 28, 2017


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