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I hear her in my room. I didn't notice her beautiful laughter at first. It started like a gentle breeze, tiny bells ringing from far in the distance, the laugher of a little girl of about four years old. It's night and the lights are dim. It's cold here in the bathroom but I'm curious to see if I can see her this time.
I closed my eyes trying to picture who could be laughing with such joy. I picture a little girl in my mind, her hair a mass of chocolate ringlets, she would be playing with a doll brushing its hair and feeding it. She would be dressing the doll in baby clothes and pushing it in a little stroller. Could she be playing with my old toys? Long forgotten in my closet.
I walk slowly down the hall. I wish to see this little angel that brings hope into my heart. Slow I reach for the handle... my heart is thumping hard in my chest as the door clicks open. The laughter stops. I hold my breath, hoping I didn't scare her away. I slowly look into the keyhole and see a vision.
She sits looking around the room. Her dark skin and strange clothes took my words from my mind. She turned then and stared at me. Her eyes where a beautiful green and full of life. Her hair was curly just like I pictured before. Her eyes mesmerized me.
"Hello?" She says in her tiny voice. She is not afraid of me. "Hello... who are you?" I say back my voice is horace from a combination of fear and disbelief. "My name is Sapphire.." she shyly smiles at me "do you want to play with me? I'm just making tea!" She has a cute little pot it's a pretty pink with little drawings on them. I open the door wider and slowly make my way to her and sit in front of a tiny cup on the floor. "Her dear have a biscuit." She lays a purple lump of dough on the floor. She stirs the pot of make-believe tea and pores me a cup. "What's your name? How old are you? Do you live here too? What that on your arm? Do you like the tea? It's special from India. Did you know my mom?" She asked me so many questions I can't get out the answers in time before she fires out a new one. "My name is Ruby and I'm 15... this is my room too" I look at her and I see myself in her green eyes... then I hear something new, the sound of footsteps. "Can we play again? I like the biscuits and the tea was lovely." I say as I hear my mom get home. "Sweetie! I'm home!" I hear her from the front door. "Please don't go! I get so lonely here can you stay? Please?" Her eyes tear up a little in the corners. I look at her and she is so lovely that I don't want to leave her. "Sure, Sweetie, I will stay and play with you some more." I smile as I hear my mom coming down the hall. She walks into my room."Sweetie? Did gramma take a nap on you?" I look up at my mom and then to Sapphire. "Yes, but I wasn't scared! I had Ruby to play with! She's my new friend, I think she is so pretty! She looks just like you!" I turn to my mom and see the tears falling from her eyes. I get up slowly and try to tell her it's ok but she can't hear me. She never hears me, but Sapphire hears me. "Don't cry mama Ruby said she loves you and not to cry, it's ok!" I smile at my cute little Sapphire. I will never leave you...

Created: Jun 27, 2017


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