Outta my head...

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Amy stared into the mirror, the dim bathroom light illuminating the sheer terror in her eyes as panic rose through her, immobilizing her limbs. Grabbing the edge of the bathroom sink she fought to keep upright as her knees began to shake, threatening to buckle at any moment. Her stomach groaned and turned as waves of nausea raged through her weakening body. Staring into the mirror she barely recognized the reflection before her. The blood, my God, there was so much blood. Her mind slowed as she struggled to remember the events that had led to this moment.

Did you really think our argument would end that easily?”

That voice, "no …it’s impossible" she whispered quietly into the mirror.  She knew what she had seen.  The lifeless body strewn across the kitchen floor, blood pooling into a small stream which slowly flowed down the back steps.   So close to the door, to freedom,  the outstretched hand reflecting a failed attempt at escape.   

"Really, you thought death would be the end of us? I told you, you're mine forever..."

Amy's eyes darted around the small bathroom. It was impossible. Death had separated them. She was supposed to be free. The only pain now would be that of their friends, their families, when they found out the horrible truth. That they knew a murderer!!!! Murder, murderer, the words bit her tongue as she slowly recited them to herself.

"You're mine, all mine, forever...murder, murderer, those words mean nothing to me.  My feelings for you will NEVER change"

The words echoed through the small bathroom.  This could not be happening it had to be her, she was going crazy, the trauma had sent her over the edge.  "GET OUTTA MY HEAD!!!!" Amy screamed at the mirror before her knees gave out and she hit the floor. 

"But, I'm not in your head sweetheart, I'm right here... and you forgot  something in your little rant...the appropriate term is not MURDER...It's MURDER-SUICIDE".  

Amy's eyes darted to the shower curtain as it slowly pulled back exposing Kevin standing over his body smiling. 

" I told you wherever you went I'd follow...." 


Created: Jun 25, 2017

Tags: horror, halloween, creepy, mind, murder, fiction

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