So far from home (temporary title)

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I wrote this song a few years ago, on the first day of a 21-day therapy. I always want to be a singer but also a songwriter. It came naturally, in a few hours I finished it. I write in english but I also have a verse in my native language which I did not include (Should I?) Here are the lyrics.

"So far from home,
I can't leave now
I have to let it go
I have to get it out.

I felt the wind,
Yes I heard him.
I'll go where I wanna go
I'll be who I wanna be

Heya he ho (4X)

Let's stop pretending
that I was okay
Let's stop looking at the past
I'll only see today..."

The last verse in my mother tongue that I did not sing but I think I have to incluse even if you don't understand:

Ni ki peten ka pe aihimihin, nama tca wiskat nika onikan.

(I heard what you spoke to me, I will never forget it.)

It is very personal like a conversation with my father who did not want me to become a singer. A conversation with my Creator, my father who died years ago.

I don't play very much instruments but I would like to add something to it. Piano or guitar or Ukulele. My cousin once jammed with me and was turning my song into
reggae style. If anyone could help me I'd be glad to hear from you.

Created: Jun 25, 2017


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