I am a cheater, sorry :(

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Well, as I said, I'm going to cheat, just because I'm done thinking. But I'm going to cheat in a different way. Just to mention bands or artists would be boring, so I'm going to do it differently.

If I had to be the biggest cheater, I'd choose Mike Patton. You are probably laughing right now, because he's probably the artist with more projects nowadays (the list is so long that you should probably google him).

The little me would choose Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I remember being 5, jumping and singing and running all over the house when their videos where on TV (I think we had a VHS with some videos recorded).

The teenager me would choose everything thrash metal related. No matter what, I was always with my walkman and my cassettes listening to old school thrash all day, all night, 24/7.

The lyricist in me would choose anything Pink Floyd related. Specially David Gilmour. Awesome lyrics and music. A journey I enjoyed alone and drug free.

Nowadays I enjoy mostly Jazz music. Melissa Aldana is my last discovery.

I went through a lot of music and probably left a lot of musicians and bands out. But as I said, I'm done thinking. If you wish we can talk about music and genres in the comment section (hahahaah ok, I'm not a youtuber) .

Created: Jun 25, 2017


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