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Starts with atmosphere, ends with groove.

Left lots of room in there for extra gracebutter.

*Stems in the working file

Created: Jun 25, 2017

Tags: ambient, keyboard, synth, synthbass, synthesiser, guitar, piano, drums, hip hop, pop, grace, butter, gracebutter, adammuller003, remix this, feel good, feel good music, electronica, dream pop, ambient electronic, ambient electronic rock music, instrumental ambient, hopeful, self-actualization, self-acceptance, confidence, emotion, emotional, overcome, score, ambient sound, rock, dance, triumph, triumphant, anthemic, anthem, mood, mood music, rise above, rise, ambience melody, melodic, melodic song, instrumental, add vocals, add vox, needs vocal, instrumental pop/rock, indie pop, electronic, electronic music, inspirational, inspirational music, emotional music, soundscape, sonic, swagger, laptop pop, computer music, music, musica, dance music, dance anthum, anthem for the end, pop anthem, pop/alternative, synthesizers, indie ambient, indie dance, melody, beautiful, dreamy music, dreamy, angelic, angels, believe in it, believe, fly, feel alive, feel again, feeling, feeling alive, love, love and fear, high, emotional high, melancholic, melancholy, melodica, melancholy grace, grace under fire, truth, wide open, wide, wide awake, sonic landscape, sonic dream, dreaming, lost, daydream, daydreamer, epic, epic music, epic sound, big melody, emotions, beauty in the breakdown, electronica/dance, electric bass, bass guitar, buzzy, buzzing bass, bass beat, bassy, all bass, tremelo, blips, blip, electronic beat

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