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this a silhoutte fighter i made up for the HC character design challenge. a graphic tablet is a welcome option. its going to fascinating how this turns out.  any experienced photoshop users out there can make changes to this, add detail maybe give him some sort of weapon like a sword or pistol will be a great addition.  ill leave this up to any user if they want to add rigging or make a 3d model out of which would pretty be cool. psd is attahed and ready to go

Created: Jun 25, 2017

Tags: high-res, drawing, photograph, handdrawing, animation?, animate?, finish this, vertical, art?, sketch, fighting game, 2d, photoshop?, fill in, color in, draw from photo, add face, character sheet, spreadsheet, gaming, artwork??, remix!!!!, remix?, challenge, needs a change, make changes, add a caption, useable, use, use graphic tablet, fighter, poses, sideways, imagination, character design challenge, unique, cartoon, animated, love art, participate, participating, add colour, collab, graphite, artist, madebyjasonmartinez, talent, talented, use for project, use for what you want, personality, traits, conceptart, concept artwork, concept character, individual, ready?, ready to animate!, ready for animation, ready for remix, brainstorm, idea, share and enjoy :), action, body

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