Marie Carie and Marie Antoinette meets the eye of Godness

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While back in the days as the Architectural and Black Swan reunited

There is a twist when it comes to a scientist and an artist

An artist like Marie Antoinette, a queen divine who got married to King Louis this would be the masterpiece of getting what the world what they wanted

As the loaf of bread wasn't enough to pay for their taxes, these two have been executed for having enough for their own people

As for the scientist as Marie Carrie, she invented the Radiation of a lifetime then she exposed herself with a mutation of her own by eating and designing its own chemical reaction

When waiting for the last minute of the Egyptian rule combining the structural analysis of Cleopatra and Medusa, does anybody care who they really are?

Its the formal way to let the historian and scientist has moved on, does anybody recognized the demons awaits for Cleopatra and Medusa? 

Created: Jun 24, 2017


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