One More Night

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06/23/2017 11:35 PM

Well it's the first night.

I've got two more and a wake up to go to win the bet, Tony. I can last three nights in my girlfriend's apartment. She's cool with the xbox so things are going okay so far I guess. Except, she has a dog and a cat. The cat, 'Samantha' seems to have issues with the dog, 'Hank'. The dog stares at me a lot. Through mirrors..

I have a xanax if needed.

Anyway.I got this. Have the cash ready if you want to read this journal when I get out, Tony.

06/24/2017 12:33 AM

The hound uses fucking mirrors. Caught him staring at me through the dresser mirror. I turn to look, and he's angled away with his back towards me so he can stare at my reflection instead. Little creepy if you ask me. It doesn't help matters given this place is supposed to be a haunted high-rise, but I still have the xanax.

06/24/2017 9:15 AM

Who fucking gets up at 9 AM on a Saturday?? Who I ask?  Now I've been warned the cat likes to eat lipstick and warns me not to let the feline near them or else. Really? 9 AM??

06/24/2017 11:35 PM

She's reading a book. A big recipe book of some kind. So quick entry just to say I still got this, Tony.

06/25/2017 9ish AM

Hank the hound woke me up and pawed me the xanax with a glass of water last night around 1:30 AM.

He waited 15 minutes for it to kick in before explaining things. He tells me, "Dude, I've been cursed. You've got to get me out. Take me to a vet or something, for fuck's sake. Whatever you do, don't mess around on her. Samantha was her best friend.."

"Samantha?" I asked.

Hank held up both paws. "Believe me, bro, I wouldn't believe me either..but they're all witches.. I'm telling ya..never flirt, bro, and never ever cheat.." He pokes a paw at my chest warning me.Then his head starts expanding outward like a balloon as he continues, "Don't eat the bacon..stay away from the bacon..resist it!"

He explodes into slivers of fried bacon strips raining down on me.

I lay there in the savory warm scent of bacon. I become one with it. I begin drooling, and remember the hound's warning so I start trying to resist the urge when

Samantha the cat appears. She rises up on her hind legs gripping a tube of lipstick in her mouth writing on the mirror.

h e l p    m e

She turns and looks at me all wide-eyed. The lipstick drops from her mouth like a fat man's cigar staring at an IRS audit letter just when my girlfriend wakes me up at 9 AM (again)

She is smiling down at me announcing breakfast is ready. Damn that bacon smells good.

06/25/2017 1:00 PM

Samantha just sat on the counter flicking her tail during breakfast. That's when I noticed the pile of mail beside her. A few of the unopened envelopes had Hank's name on them. Several more had Samantha's. Odd. Is my girlfriend running some sort of mail order fraud scam?

Hank the hound looks up from his water bowl at me, a flap of loose lip folded over stuck dangling from a canine tooth.. he's just plain goofy-looking, standing there dripping water. His eyes looked nervous until he starts wagging his tail when my girlfriend hands him a strip of bacon, beaming, "Who's a good boy!"

Things seem normal in the light of day. I'm just not getting enough sleep getting up at 9 AM is all. Gonna sign off and take a quick nap..over lunch she mentioned her new best friend, Gina, is coming over tonight for dinner and I want to be at my best.

I got this, Tony.

One more night.

Created: Jun 23, 2017

Tags: wwc 133: write a story poem or script set in the haunted high-rise!

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