The lesbians

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Log line: The story of a couple (both women- Leslie and Chloe) that has been together for 18 years.

These two women grew up next door to each other. They now live on a strawberry farm in a small town in the south. They went to the same high school. They live with their 3 kids, two of their three kids are teenagers and they last one is in junior high. The middle child is the only biological child of the couple and the eldest and the last one were adopted. Leslie is a math teacher at a local high school, and Chloe managers the farm. In the farm they try to sell produce to local super markets but their main economy comes from making jam, which is sold predominantly on the internet.

The show follows how they go through their daily lives dealing with the town people’s judgement, their jobs and raising kids in an environment where they are not fully accepted by the community.

Created: Jun 23, 2017


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