To Hell And Back

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A small package holds the truth.

A guiding light for me to follow.

So many roads have led to hell,

So many forks to sorrow.

A man ascends unwittingly

Communicating with the damned.

Confronting his internal demons,

Judgement in his hands.

Floor by floor he rises up

His family on his mind.

His soul he'd give to save his wife

His soul I'll claim as mine.

On floor 13 he pleads his case,

I'll try to hide my smile.

Smarter men have tried and failed

To woo and to beguile.

But unexpectedly they come

and swarm into this room.

The tenants from this haunted place

Impeding certain doom.

I hear their case, death's law demands it.

One by one they speak.

Apparently this man has worth

Beyond what I can see.

His deeds are slight but purposeful,

His actions full of thought.

Some have tried to sway this man

But he cannot be bought.

The haunted high-rise court has spoken,

Justice has been dealt.

The postman and his wife have won,

For now they'll keep their health.

Created: Jun 23, 2017


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