I Got Your Back (Alone No More REMIX)

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I love the hook that @LatteSundae came up with.  I couldn't get it out of my head and figured I should do something with the track.  Cleaned up some parts, contributed a rap verse, and remixed it to fit a typical 3:30 min format.  Stems in working file, 90 bpm.


Don't be stressin' love

Don't stress (Don't stress)

I got your back


Left alone in the corner of my mind

I was looking for a way to make order

of a world filled with gloom and doom and self-pity

from the dark, dark woods to the lights of the city

Then along came a fighter

who would take that weight, who would make me feel lighter

than a cumulus cloud on a backdrop blue

saw my thoughts float by, they were all about you

how my heart, you put a hand on it

my soul, you shined a light on it

my doubt, you put a wrap on it

every dream, you put wings on it

you at the top of my wishlist

no, I don't wanna miss this

I wanna make you my Mrs.

keep it on the level, I check the meniscus


There is nothing for you to figure out

Whether night or dawn, I'll always be around

Don't have to feel alone no more (no more)

I've told you once or twice before (before)

I will, I will find you

How you could doubt me I don't know (don't know)

My actions I will show (will show)

To prove, to prove

I love you

I got your back


When you're lost in the dark, dark woods

Fireflies aren't fireflies, they're hungry wolves' eyes

When you've lost all that you own

Lies aren't really lies, they're truth in disguise

I know we both a played a part

I wonder what you're feeling in your heart

I'm still trying to figure out

Now that I'm standing alone in the dark

Created: Jun 23, 2017


Pikabu Audio Media