Has-Been Wannabee and Paula Bush (TTL Character Skits)

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A/N So this is my attempt at a bit of dark humour, which may not work, but here it is.


A dreary online music teacher in his 50s, is filming himself on his cellphone, backstage during an interval.

HAS-BEEN WANNABEE: You know, I played this venue in 1987...I mean my band Forrskin*  headlined here…

A bold woman, dressed like a dancer from a throwback 80s music video, who has been doing some interpretive moves behind HAS-BEEN WANNABEE, comes up close to him as he stops recording.

PAULA BUSH**: Soooo what? No-one's interested in what you did last century!

HAS-BEEN WANNABEE: Actually love, if you let me finish, we're discussing a reunion, a comeback tour...

PAULA BUSH: Hmmm, if you ask me, death is the only smart option - a posthumous sales boost would make Forrskin way more popular than you ever could alive!

HAS-BEEN WANNABEE looks utterly crushed. PAULA BUSH does crazy finger dancing in front of her face, showing expressive eyes, before twirling away.

*go figure, a band called 'Foreskin' already exists!

**yep, a mash-up of Paula Abdul and Kate Bush ;-)

Created: Jun 23, 2017

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