Story Line For a Short Film (Reversed)

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a short story by Katie Eaton


A girl that has lived a slightly above average life, the popular one in a mediocre town full of slightly below average people lives a very happy life. She broke hearts and made friends, she has never fallen in love and doesn't plan to during her high school career (She is aprox. 17 years old). One day she witnesses a death. she can easily do something about it, she can stop the killer but she doesn't care enough about the person to do so. So she just watches for a second while frozen in place. Not thinking anything, not feeling sorry, not even caring. She after walks away. That night during her sleep god (or whoever you want the higher power of humans to be) decides that what thing she has done not only in that day but in her life were not the right decisions and to teach her a lesson to be kinder to strangers much less her peers he transforms her into a male. The next morning she wakes up and is mortified by her new look. The man above contacts her (get creative there guys!) and tells her what has happened and what will happen. The only way to break the "spell" would be to reach orgasm (have sex). She has lost the ability to masturbate she she can not reach orgasm by herself. for a few days she gets used to the body and breaks in to he new self. After about a week a boy approaches her at school and asks her what her name is (of course she had to change it and pretend she was a new student). They introduce them selves and become friends extremely fast. After weeks of being with the boy she falls for him. fast. She doesn't give any hints and keeps up a guard because she knows she's in the wrong body for that equation to work out but as they grow closer and he trusts her more she soon finds out that he is homosexual. That's when they hit it off. They spend another few weeks falling so hard for each other a brick wall wouldn't stop the fall. They talk about being closer and doing more intimate things and she debates with herself between two choices, she have sex with him and reach orgasm and becomes herself again or she only does him the favors so she can stay with him in the body of a guy because of his sexual orientation. The first one was a gamble. She quickly realized that him still loving her meant more to her than being who she was but she wanted him to love her for who she truly was and not for who he wanted her to be. So for a little while she pleasures him, still not being able to decide but keeping the one she loves happy. Then one night while lying in bed after a blow job he whispers to her, "I love you, nothing will ever change that." that's when her decision was final, she was going to do it. She went home the next morning and ran to her room planning the whole thing. Saturday was the day, exactly one week away. Saturday came slow, but it, like all days, finally was here. She had the occasion prepared and called him over for a special night. That night they had sex and she after all this time reached orgasm and when they woke up at noon she had returned to a girl. At first he was alarmed (you can have fun with that, him picking up a bat ready to swing or something) but after she explained he was calmed down. She asked him the question after everything was silent, "Do you still love me?" he looked up at her and nodded. she was so relieved and they hugged and kissed and were happy, for the time being. About a week later he called her and asked her to meet him. When she got there he asked, "Remember when i said that i loved you and nothing would change that?" she at first was in shock and couldn't move, did he not love me for who i am truly? she asked to herself. she shook off the worry in her head and nodded. "Well, nothing still can, and i hope that's the same for you." she looked at him confused and he continued, "I'm going to college in New York. I got a scholarship." at first she was happy for him but then she realized that this meant being apart. They spent the next month inseparable not wasting a minute away from each other. But it ended and then he had to leave. They agreed that long distance will never work and decided to break up. She took him to the airport for his goodbye and kissed one last time before whispering together, "I love you." He boarded the plane and she walked out of the airport. a few minutes later while tearing up in the cab she recieved a text from him saying, "I'll always love you." 


--the end--

Created: Jan 31, 2011


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