can't sleep

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my feet are cold - why won't they warm up - should I get another blanket? but I don't want to get up - if I get up I'll wake up more and won't be able to sleep - but I can't sleep anyways - do I need to pee? No I couldn't, I just did - it's just my mind playing tricks with me - maybe if I wrap my feet more, or rub them together, or slip them in under the space behind my knee - what time is it? it must be after 3 - but maybe it's before and time is just passing slowly - if it is 3am that gives me how many hours sleep? 4 or 5? If I fall asleep right now I'll get just enough sleep to function tomorrow - if I roll over onto my side I wont need to pee - or if I stay awake then maybe tomorrow night I'll get a full nights sleep - but if I get up instead of lying here I could do something productive instead of lying here doing nothing - but I don't want to get up - but then I could go through my list and be really productive - but then tomorrow i'll be too tired to be productive at all - how are my feet still not warm - If I just reach over and get another blanket it might help... there - now my feet might warm up - crap, I think I really do need to pee - but if I just fall asleep it might be better - why is this pillow so lumpy - it felt comfortable before - I need to change my sheets - don't start thinking - if I had watched another 20min episode I would probably be asleep by now - are my feet warming up? crap, I really so need to pee - get up - but then my feet will never warm up - get up - just go to the bathroom - don't check the time - damn it, I need to get up and pee and then my whole bed will be cold when I get back - what a waste of time...

Created: Jun 23, 2017


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