Humbly Sick

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I'm sick.

I don't have a wish,

I simply have a list of all the things that I set out to do. 

Forgetting and forgiving first,

 and remembering all the times I hurt for worse 

that made my life worth living for. 

I won't give up, I won't slow down, 

I'll simply swim instead of drown. 

My breath will breath and not be held, 

I'll choose my lungs over living in hell. 

I'll cry when I'd like, but mostly smile, 

I'll hold out for hope for more than a while. 

I'll keep my head, though sometimes it's low, 

and look forward to the days 

my confidence shows. 

I'll stay humble and genuine; 


I'll accept my peace from within.

Created: Jun 23, 2017

Tags: prose, free verse, poetry, humility, confidence, forgivness

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