Oh dear insomnia

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He said that maybe, just maybe we could end up being friends. Just like we were before and it all sounded so full of color and joy, that I agreed. 

Why do people perceive things differently, though? Is it a matter of vision or perhaps a psychological issue? 

He said he was fine, that he felt okay and I thought he meant it, so I moved on. 

So, do colors really exist? I mean, my photography teacher said they don't. It's all an illusion and we see colors that don't actually exist. We make up everything in our minds. Green? Not real. Orange? Fake...

However, not long after, I find out he's not as okay as he claimed to be and yet he doesn't want my help or my company, so he decides to hurt my feelings to force me to leave him alone. 

So I do. 

Do you think there will ever be peace? I mean, I know humans reason to live is yet to be discovered, but it seems to me that sometimes all we do is cause trouble everywhere. You know? Everything we touch, we break... 

Maybe he'll want to be friends again someday and I bet that I'll let him in again, just the way I did before. 

So, if magical creatures (dragons, unicorns, phoenixes) actually existed, would the y be our pets or would we be theirs? I mean... Magic. That puts them way above our power. 

Maybe one day he'll find someone worthy of his time and his love. That's exactly what I want for him and nothing less. 

Now, why is that song playing in my mind over and over again? Is it because I've been binge watching How I Met Your Mother? Or is it because it always meant something else to me?  

Created: Jun 23, 2017


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