Unapologetic apologies

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I'm sorry for all the ash and smoke

I'm sorry for all the lipstick stains

I'm sorry that my hair is a joke

And sorry about the fat I've gained

I'm sorry I make all conversations deep and weary

I'm sorry I missed that one thing I was supposed to do

I'm sorry I'm never merry

I'm sorry I'm always feeling blue

I'm sorry that I swear in every breath

I'm sorry I lack decorum

I'm sorry that I crave death

I'm sorry that I fortify santorum

I'm sorry that my thoughts are avant-garde

And my decisions unpredictable

But honey the world's my backyard

So I'm sorry I'm not really biddable

But most of all

I'm sorry that I have to apologize

For things that make 'me'

I hope you know what I mean

Because now my conscience is clean

Created: Jun 23, 2017

Tags: poetry, metered, writing

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