My first memory is wild!

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My first memory is pretty amazing! I was 1yr to 18 mos old. My folks had taken me to Daytona Beach. It was my first time seeing the ocean so of course I was afraid. (I'm still a baby ya know) So my Dad picked me up and waded out to about knee deep. Suddenly, we are surrounded by 100's of what I think now must be Atlantic Stingrays. Only about a foot or two wide! It was amazing! These small stingrays everywhere! As far as the eye could see! I know I was young, and some folks will say 'too young to remember anything' but I remember that so clearly! Dad had to slide his feet through the sand to get back to shore just to avoid stepping on them! It made the news, I think. Back in 1985.

Created: Jun 22, 2017


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